Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Stalking Is Murder In Slow Motion.....

The Purpose of The SayNo2Stalking Blog

Between 2008 and 2012 my family and I have been stalked, harassed and cyberstalked by a revenge stalker.

Despite being an entrepreneur with a great staff team and first-rate professional advisors, nobody whom I turned to had ever had to deal with the relentless, obsessive attentions of a self-professed stalker.

I looked everywhere for assistance as the impact of this deranged individual's campaign increased and as his attentions became increasingly obsessive.

To my horror - literally - I discovered that there were very few qualified, capable and experienced sources of assistance for stalking victims - both available privately and via the UK Criminal Justice System.
Surprisingly, the UK Police (in the particular area that I resided) were hopelessly inadequate in their response; the existing anti-stalking charities manned with staff and volunteers with masses of experience and a huge desire to help, however had limited financial capacity and thus limited ability to help in hands-on ways; and the private sector assistance available (legal, security, criminology and intelligence services) were hard to locate, extremely expensive and thus fragmented - in other words, the few professionals who were operating in the anti-stalking space were expert at small sections of the problem. It appeared that no person, agency or government body was tackling the huge and fast-growing problems of stalking, cyberstalking and harassment in a holistic fashion.

For one of the first times in my life, I discovered that I was sailing through largely uncharted waters. Given the remorseless nature of the stalking campaign that I was in the midst of, sailing through uncharted territory, was pretty daunting.

As a result of this I spent many hundreds of hours locating, sourcing and talking with experts and professionals in various disciplines ranging from psychological profiling, criminology, legal practitioners, the Police, military intelligence, close protection security, technical specialists, cyber crime specialists, analysts, stalking and crime assistance charities and mental health professionals, trying to devise a solution as to how to eliminate this sinister stalker from my family's life.

The road was far from easy, it was expensive, exhausting and filled with disappointment. However, over the course of almost 4 years I was able to navigate a number of solutions to the numerous, interwoven and complex problems that the obsessive and unwanted attentions of this man were creating for my family, close networks and me.

Thus the purpose of this site is simply to help provide other victims and support personnel for victims with a small measure of practical suggestions, solutions and ideas.

One of the many  lessons of this experience is that knowledge + action most definitely equals power......

The ultimate goal of a stalker is to disempower and dismantle their prey, thus empowerment of stalking victims is without doubt the greatest defence mechanism with which to defeat a stalker.

So one of the fundamental aims of this site is to help bring EMPOWERMENT to victims of stalking, cyberstalking and harassment.

Secondly, it is my hope that this may help victims to in turn become survivors. If this site assists even one victim to become a survivor then it will have proved worthwhile.

Finally - and importantly - I want to encourage other victims that there is hope and that by seeking help; by not enduring the journey alone; and by appropriately fighting back, victory over the obsessive stalker can be achieved. In some respects as with all challenges in life, one of the greatest battlefields is the battlefield of the mind - and if one can win the battle over one's own mind, then the spear that the bullying stalker wields can be quickly shattered.

I hope that this proves of some benefit to you.

As always I would welcome your feedback, questions and contributions, either via the comments section below or via the contact page on my website www.andrewsteelesmith.com.

Thanks and best

Andie Steele-Smith

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