Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Stalking Knowledge + Action = EMPOWERMENT.....

If you are reading this you probably fall into one of 4 categories:

  1. You are a victim of stalking and/or cyberstalking (or harassment) and are looking for help;
  2. You think that you may be a victim of either stalking or cyberstalking (or harassment) and are trying to establish whether in fact you are a victim and thus what your options are;
  3. You are a friend, supporter, relative of or professional advisor to someone who is a victim or survivor of stalking / cyberstalking / harassment; or
  4. You are a legal, security, media, medical, technical or intelligence professional who is actively involved in assisting victims of stalking, cyberstalking and harassment.

The common denominators to assist you if you fall into any of the above categories are INFORMATION and ACTION.


What SayNo2Stalking is All About

  • This site is based on the personal experiences of the author Andie Steele-Smith and his team - gained over 4 years as a victim and subsequent survivor of stalking, cyberstalking and harassment

  • This site is not and does not purport to be a professional resource - 
  • rather it encapsulates knowledge and personal experience gained throughout the above-mentioned campaign of stalking and harassment

  • Reading this site is in no way a substitute for seeking qualified professional advice - (legal, technical, security and medical advice)

  • Stalking, cyberstalking and harassment are crimes - do not do nothing! Start by reporting the matter to the Police

  • If you feel you may be in imminent danger - dial 999 without delay

  • NON EMERGENCY SUPPORT - can be obtained from the National Stalking Helpline - dial 0808 802 0300 or e-mail advice@stalkinghelpline.org

  • YOUR first response if you believe that you are being stalked, cyberstalked or harassed must be to report the matter to your local police constabulary. Irrespective of whether you believe that they will take you seriously or whether you have adequate proof of the actions of your attacker, reporting and insisting that your complaint is logged (verified with a Crime Reference Number) by your local UK Police Constabulary is the first of many vital steps in getting the Criminal Justice System to do what it is meant to do - ie protect YOU 

  • You may have read reports of inadequate or incompetent response by the UK Police - sadly they do exist, nevertheless it is imperative that you report the matter as soon as you possibly can 

  • Many of your options may be hindered - (including getting adequate emergency response if needed) if you have not formally reported the matter to the UK Police

  • Trust your instincts - if you "feel" that you are in danger, act upon those instincts and dial 999 

  • Do not suffer alone - seek help but most importantly of all, share the burden with someone whom you can trust completely 

  • One of the fundamental aims of a stalker is to isolate and render their victim incapable of functioning normally - ie simply acting to protect themselves  - thus sharing the burden with someone whom can act as your eyes and ears is crucial to surviving and in turn, again thriving

  • The SayNo2Stalking Blog will endeavour to:
  • Give its readers a greater understanding of the psychology behind stalking offenders;
  • Summarise some of the common impacts on victims of stalking, cyberstalking and harassment; 
  • Provide some level of understanding as to the methodologies, psyche and tools used by stalkers generally; 
  • Give insight to the current UK legislative measures designed to assist victims; 
  • Provide examples of some of the methods employed by the author to protect his and his close network's personal safety; and 
  • Summarise some of the current UK best-practices and options that victims can pursue in order to endeavour to free themselves from the unwanted attentions of their stalker

Over the coming weeks we will update this site with new information, resources, useful links, survivor stories, news feeds and tips from other survivors, so stay tuned.....

The video Trust Your Instincts helped remind me over and again to do just that - trust your instincts.

So until the next instalment, trust your instincts! 

Thanks and best

Andie Steele-Smith

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