Stalking - the terrifying crime the law may at last be taking seriously

(The Guardian - 6 March 2012)

Stalking to be made specific criminal offence - David Cameron

(BBC UK - 8 March 2012)

Stalking to become a crime for the first time with offenders facing up to 5 years in jail

(The Daily Mail - 8 March 2012)

Facebook privacy loophole allows for unrestricted profile stalking

(WIRED MAGAZINE - - 22 March 2012)

Essex police failed woman murdered by her ex-partner, watchdog says

(The Guardian - 22 August 2012)

Cyberstalking worse than "in-person" harassment?

(FYI Be Healthy - 10 August 2012)

Due in large part to its 24/7, global presence, "cyberstalking" appears to cause its victims more stress and trauma than in-person stalking, according to a leading psychologist's observations.

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